Avedro KXL-II Corneal Cross-Linking Treatment Planner

EP&A handled Software Specification, Design and Implementation of the Corneal Cross-Linking Treatment Planner for Avedro's KXL-II Instrument, a new Ophthalmic Instrument for accelerated corneal cross-linking.

Our contribution to the Instrument's software includes:
Importing Topography and pachymetry data from the Oculus Pentacam and Ziemer Galilei Instruments
A graphics-based Interactive Treatment Planner & its Printout & PDF EMR record.
Software Internationalization

This is a screenshot of the app's main treatment design screen:

We utilized C# to match the look & feel of out client's pre-existing software, and C++ to implement performance-critical code.

The KXL-II instrument is currently undergoing clinical trials.

For more details about the extensive features of this program, please Click Here.

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