Showcase - Recently Completed Projects 

Here is a sample of projects recently completed by Eddy Philippe and Associates.

All listed projects are commercially successful products currently in clinical use at thousands of US and international clinics.

Please click on the links for more details on a particular project, as well as sample screens and printouts.

Online Holladay 2 Toric IOL Calculator: EP&A handled the full-stack implementation, including the User Interface, Graphics, and server-based calculations for cataract Lens Implants.

Gobiquity SmartPhone PhotoRefractive Screener: EP&A handled the R&D for the Image Processing code to estimate anterior eye features from iPhone and Windows Phone photos, including the limbus, the pupil and the retinal red reflex.

Avedro KXL-II Corneal Cross-Linking Treatment Planner: Software Specification, Design and Implementation of the Treatment Planning module for Avedro's KXL-II Instrument, a new Ophthalmic Instrument for accelerated corneal cross-linking.

Abbot Medical Optics iDesign Topographer/Aberrometer: EP&A developed LASIK treatment algorithms as well as GUI, database and 3D Graphics for AMO's iDesign Instrument, a combination Aberrometer/Corneal Topographer instrument used to plan for LASIK surgery.

Holladay IOL Consultant: This expert system in Intra-Ocular Lens Calculation handles standard and advanced IOL calculations, as well as Lens constant personalization and postoperative refraction tracking and analysis. It is currently in clinical use by more than1000 US and International cataract surgeons. This program was developed with Dr. Jack Holladay.

Software Internationalization: EP&A has internationalized several clinical packages targeting Western European as well as CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) languages.