How We Work ...
Comprehensive Consulting

Although Eddy Philippe & Associates can develop and deliver turnkey software products, it is often more beneficial for our clients to have us pursue product development in conjunction with your in-house teams. This is especially true if you plan to service, maintain and upgrade the product in-house. We interface productively with several of your departments, as needed: R&D, Software Engineering & QA , Technical Support, Marketing, Clinical Affairs and Legal department. We also directly interface with your affiliated Clinician Sites for product feedback, training or data collection.

We interface with your R&D department to participate in brainstorming sessions, and accelerate and facilitate the idea-exchange process. We assist in rapid prototyping through our extensive repository of numerical algorithms. We provide rapid search of US patent databases, and patent analysis.
Software Engineering & QA

We discuss compatibility issues with pre-existing software, and advise about the applicability of emerging software technologies. We also assist in documentation efforts, and in-house beta testing of the software prior to its release.

Technical Support
We will train your technical support staff to handle software, installation, customer training and maintenance issues. We will also assist them in resolving any outstanding client issues by directly interfacing with the client.
We interface with your marketing department to help define and prioritize product features. We can also propose novel features not evidenced by market research. We collaborate to produce a polished look for all clinical software, incorporating all necessary Marketing materials (such as logos, trademark and copyright notices).

Clinical Affairs

We interface with your clinical affairs department to help them file required regulatory documentation, and meet any other regulatory compliance requirements.

Legal Department

We interface with your legal department for patent development, as well as assist in patent searches and analysis. We can also assist in liability analysis for any new products.

Affiliated Clinicians
We interface with clinical practitioners and their staff on several key issues that are crucial for successful clinical software:
  • Knowledge engineering: we are able to translate clinical knowledge and requirements into engineering specifications. We have interfaced with such renowned surgeons as Jack Holladay, M.D., Charles Casebeer, M.D. and others.
  • User Interface Design: we strive to design software that is as unobtrusive as possible in the clinical environment, and which requires minimal training and maintenance. So we interview clinical personnel extensively on patient and data flow in the clinic, and design the software to complement it.
  • Clinical Beta testing:  We can help organize all phases of clinical testing of pre-release software, from writing test procedures, to gathering product & data feedback, to training of clinical personnel.

Cooperative Consulting

Eddy Philippe & Associates are able to recognize and tap into your available in-house expertise to speed up product development, thus shortening time-to-market.

Conversely, your in-house personnel can benefit from our expertise. We share it freely, through direct interaction, on the job, as well as through making available relevant examples of our previous work. We firmly believe that the free exchange of ideas fosters a creative environment where everybody benefits, and projects get done, on time and on budget.

We have used this Cooperative Consulting approach successfully in the past, and have forged strong relationships with our clients, based on cooperation and mutual respect. Our Motto:

 "May the Best Idea Win!"

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