About Us ...

We are an association of independent consultants that assemble in teams in response to particular projects, to undertake national or international projects. Please take a moment to meet the team members:

Eddy Philippe, Ph.D. , Principal: Has been active in Medical Software  exclusively since 1992. Has extensive experience in Medical software design - Specialties include image processing and Knowledge Engineering. Dr. Philippe is fluent in French, Spanish & Arabic.

Thanos Kontos, M.S. , Principal: Is a Medical Software development specialist. He has extensive experience in user interface design, algorithm implementation, networked databases and real-time systems.

Gary Sitton, M.S. is a numerical analysis and Signal Processing expert. He was a researcher on the faculty of the Dep't of Ophthalmology, Baylor College of Medicine, prior to doing signal processing research in the oil industry.

Alan Gorman, O.D. is a practicing optometrist at a large LASIK Clinic. He also specializes in Clinical Practice management software, network and workstation design and implementation, and Corneal Research and Development.

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