Service Options

Eddy Philippe & Associates is a fluid association of consultants, and can operate under a variety of configurations, to suit your needs. We will help you determine the most efficient and economical configuration to get your project done on-time and on budget. We pride ourselves for being consistently close to schedule and budget on all projects we undertake.

Per Hour Basis

We recommend this mode of doing business for R&D type of projects, where a good deal of experimentation is necessary before a product can be specified for commercial development.

When a project involves new research, and thus cannot tightly be specified, we will do our very best to provide you with worst-case and best-case estimates, as well as a risk analysis of individual project components. When the project's uncertainties are ironed out, we will provide with a firm time & budget estimate for the remaining phases.

On a per hour basis,  the hourly rates are set depending on:

  • The number of associates involved.
  • The extent of the project.
  • The types of technologies involved. You benefit from our extensive reusable software repository. The wheel need not be re-invented for every project.

Per Project Basis

Eddy Philippe & Associates will prepare, with your assistance and free of charge, a project bid. This bid will include a schedule of deliverables and a corresponding payment schedule for the whole project. We recommend this mode of doing business for projects that can be well specified prior to implementation, as it will make your planning and budgeting easier.

Progress Reports

Eddy Philippe & Associates will prepare and send you detailed progress reports, on a weekly or monthly basis, as per your request. We want you to feel comfortable with every phase of the project, and "in the loop".


Eddy Philippe & Associates will provide you will all the necessary project documentation in compliance with any FDA, ISO 9000, and CE regulatory requirements you may need to meet. Documentation can be provided to meet IEEE and/or your in-house specifications.

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